The truth about IQ

Can you really test someone's IQ in 10 minutes?

IQ tests are often considered controversial and flaky. Of course, you shouldn’t trust the kind of 10-minute test that pops up in your Facebook feed. A thorough, precise and comprehensive IQ test takes a lot longer, perhaps an hour or more and is usually administered by a professional. A true IQ test is designed to assess the cognitive skills that constitute intelligence, and therefore are made of a series of subtests that cover reasoning, vocabulary, mental processing speed, spatial ability and more.
Shorter IQ tests, like the one that you are looking at, are assessing fewer of these skills, and as a result cannot possibly provide the depth of information of the longer, more expensive IQ tests. They can, however, still provide a general indication of someone’s abilities. Due to the nature of intelligence, they may well only give one side of the story, but as long as you take them for what they are worth, novelty, fun and entertainment, you should have a good time taking the challenge. Just don't take it too seriously. I suggest that you have a look at this article from The Guardian which should keep things in perspective.

So, what does this test measure ?

Unlike more serious IQ tests, this one measures your understanding and ability to apply French grammar in context. So this is not a true IQ test in the likes of the Standford-Binet Test, or the Weschler Adult intelligence scale, so to speak.
It does measure however where you are in your discovery journey of French grammar, and it aims to give you guidance on where to go next in order to level up in this skill. It will help you highlight your strong points and areas for development. Make sure that you save a printout of your results so that you can check these regularly and assess your progress. If you decide to take the test several times, your results will improve over time, just like in any IQ regular test.
Think of the French IQ Test as a novely item, something to challenge yourself and your friends and family. Because we cannot express IQ in language terms, the results should be taken with a pinch of salt. Yes, they represent something about you, but don't take them too seriously. If however you are serious about improving your French, they should give you a solid starting point, and I would recommend that you have a loot at, the site that I designed with you in mind. There, you get short interactive lessons targetting one particular grammar point at the time, as explained in this video.

A word about privacy.

I take your privacy very seriously.
My aim with this website is not to collect personable identifiable information about you, but rather guide you and help you on your learning journey with French. In order for you to receive detailed test results and be able to keep them for your future reference, I ask you to provide your email so that these results can be emailed to you.
At the end of the test, your results load on an anonymised page for you to be able to share them on social media and support my site by telling other people. This results page does not contain your email or other personable identifiable information.
Because you are not here by accident, I would really appreciate being able to contact you in the future with ideas and tools that may help you on your learning journey , about once or twice per year. But don't worry. There is an opt-out option if you would prefer not to hear from me ever again.

I hope that you will find this test both fun and informative and that it will help you with your French.

Beginner's Test

This is the quickest test to complete.

There are 36 questions covering
12 basic French grammatical topics,
and should take 5-10 mn to finish.

(Maximum IQ score = 120)


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Intermediate Test

This test is more thorough, with 72 questions
covering 12 basic as well as 12 intermediate
French grammar points, and takes
between 10-15 mn to complete.

(Maximum IQ score = 140)


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Advanced Test

The advanced test includes 120 question on the most common 40 French grammatical rules.
This is the ultimate French IQ Test and
the completion time is between 20-30 mn.

(Maximum IQ score = 160)


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